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Who Killed the Elephant / A Dialogue and other pieces

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
7-9 February 2013

“Along this path of memory I walk and walk…”

A staging of Vee Leong’s award-winning play “Who Killed the Elephant” (2012) that rethinks such concepts as discipline, mass, identity, state surveillance and development in Hong Kong; a series of  changing and reflecting environments of performance, image and sound by artists from Wales and Hong Kong.

Performed in English and Cantonese.

Dialogue (1) + (2)
by Taz Burns, Vee Leong, James Tyson, Rico Wu.

Who Killed the Elephant
Valmai Jones
Rebecca Knowles
Rebecca Smith-Williams
Rico Wu

Direction: Mathilde Lopez
Translated from Cantonese by: Flora Chan, Toby To, adapted by Mathilde Lopez and company
Sound: Matt Cook, Matthew Wright, John Norton
Songs: James Tyson

Radial by Jennie Savage

No Such Place by Remus Iwai

The Clicking of a Lighter A sound work by Matt Cook

Stage Management: Glesni Price-Jones
Lighting installation: Dan Young
Poster design: Matthew Wright
Photography: Jorge Lizalde

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales Theatre Production Development Fund, the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, Government of the Special Administrative Region Hong Kong, Chapter Arts Centre, On & On Theater Workshop (Hong Kong).

Presented as part of “HK season” produced by Intangible Studio, featuring also premiere of Peter Suart’s theatre work “Melencolia” (www.petersuart.com) and Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan’s film “Big Blue Lake”.