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Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter: Pop-Up Love Party

29-30 May 2015
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

A reimagining of Plato’s Symposium (The Drinking Party) in which a group of leading public figures got together to eat, drink and think about a mysterious thing: erotic love, Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter: Pop-Up Love Party develops from a series of questions: What is space? What is space for thinking? A philosophical feast which attempts to bring together some of the pleasures that enable us to relax whilst stimulating how we think and act in the world.

Performed by:
Valmai Jones
Shirotama Hitsujiya
Ben Stone
Sue Leblanc-Crawford
Stewart Legere
James Tyson

Chef: Daniel Burns with Dennis Johnston
Sound and video technician: Brian Riley
Direction: Alex McLean

Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter: Pop-Up Love Party is produced by Intangible Studio with Zuppa Theatre (Halifax) in collaboration with the National Arts Centre (Ottawa) and Yubiwa Hotel (Tokyo). The performance has been made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council of Wales and the Japan Foundation.