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TheatreCon 2013: “Periods in the Realm of Discovery”

Abrons Arts Center, New York
14-15 December 2013

To live. To act. To configure a certain role. To know which role can be aimed for, maybe several. To move beyond a role. To contain it. So that others may be entertained. To understand this. To live so that one may become more matter of fact, or desirable, than the role itself. […]

Commissioned by Intangible Studio, “Periods in the Realm of Discovery” was the first annual TheatreCon hosted by New York City Players. The conference gathered international practitioners and thinkers to consider future development of time-based art in the marketplace. Selected topics included the grounding of contemporary theatre practice in the hallucinatory visions of Emanuel Swedenborg; the curtain as castrating or liberating influence; syntax versus semantics in the delivery of meaning; and a technicians’ roundtable. Plenary appearances by: Alex Delinois, Nicholas Elliott, Mikey Jarrett, Tavish Miller, Kaneza Schaal, James Tyson, and Ben Williams. Keynote address by Associate Professor Natalie Alvarez (Brock University). Conference director: Richard Maxwell.