The Conference of the Birds

Republic of the Imagination
[Cardiff - Europe]


Fri 20 + Sat 21 June, 2pm + 7.30pm
£10 / £8 conc / £5 under 25s (tickets from Sherman Cymru box office)
Sherman Cymru
029 2064 6900

If while living you fail to find yourself, to know yourself, how will you be able to understand the secret of your existence when you die?
Farid Ud-Din Attar

‘The Conference of the Birds’ is an adaptation performed by an international cast of the twelfth century Persian poem by Farid Ud-Din Attar. The poem describes the journey of a group of birds through seven valleys to the castle of the magical bird called the Simorgh. But it is also an allegory representing the Sufi path towards liberation. Republic of the Imagination’s ‘Context Oriented Theatre’ progresses from classical to participative to immersive theatre, taking the audience on a journey exploring the secret of our existence and the society around us.

The performance takes place in a yurt, where the audience are invited to join an important meeting by the Hoopoe who engages the audience in an effort to persuade the other characters to find an action that will break the pattern. Eventually the audience themselves go on the journey too, passing through seven valleys to engage with all the senses in transforming consciousness.

The play can be up to 3 hours long and in the final 40 minutes the audience are invited to wear a blindfold

“A really powerful and life changing kind of experience for me. Have never experienced anything quite like that before”.

“Just such a new amazing concept. One has to experience it to comprehend it!”

“I can’t write – It’s touched my heart so deeply I cannot do it justice with my words.”

“Exhilarating and full of joy and full of love and trust. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to be here. Thank you.”
- Audience Responses, Cardiff, October 2013

While there is no fixed definition of Context Oriented Arts a working definition could be that it describes ‘arts that invite us to fall awake to the miracle of being alive.’

Performed by:
Lennart Larsen [Denmark], Pinar Ogun [Turkey], Aleksandra Jones [Serbia], Catherine Capelin [Wales], Erika Sall [Estonia], Gyuri Jakabfi [Hungary], Morgan Thomas [Wales].

Directed by Iwan Brioc [Wales]