Recalling Love: And Woman and Man

Memet Ali Alabora / Pinar Ogun / Meltem Arikan
[Istanbul - Cardiff]


Sun 15 June 9pm
£5 (on the door)
Ten Feet Tall, Church Street

A crowded bar. Time stops suddenly.
♪ Time, it needs time, ♪
♪ To win back your love again. ♪
A woman and a man. They read. They read out loud their love.
And woman is searching for love, and maybe love is searching for Woman as well. Maybe woman likes to search for love, or she will lose her hope. She always had her feelings in her mind, and also her questions to the pains, joys, hopes, hopelessness, past and future.

And Man is escaping from love, while escaping from it he believes he is protecting the Man. In fact Man is searching for the Man. Maybe he enjoys running away, otherwise he will have to face his fears and lose all his power.

How can love be so different for the woman and the man?
Time stops and we recall love. And woman and man…

‘Recalling Love: And Woman and Man’ is a thirty-minute performance by Memet Ali Alabora and Pinar Ogun, based on excerpts from the acclaimed Turkish novelist Meltem Arikan’s novels.

Meltem Arikan is a Turkish novelist and playwright. Her fourth novel, ‘Stop Hurting My Flesh’, was banned in early 2004 with the accusation of ‘Writing about the non-existent fact of incest in Turkey and attempting to disturb the Turkish family order with a feminist approach.’ Arikan has been awarded the Freedom of Thought and Expression Award 2004 by the Turkish Publishers’ Association. In June 2013, Arikan went through a vicious, life-threatening campaign in her country because of her most recent play, ‘Mi Minor’ together with the creative team of the play and is currently living in Wales.

Memet Ali Alabora is a recognised actor in Turkey who worked for theatre, TV and films since the 1990s. He was one of the founders of garajistanbul, a contemporary performing arts institution in Istanbul. He is the founder and the President of Actors’ Union of Turkey since 2011. Memet Ali has also produced several classical music shows for stage as well as producing and presenting special events for children. He was the director of the play ‘Mi Minor’ regardless of the troubles that followed.

Pinar Ogun is an acclaimed actress who has worked on stage, films and TV both in the UK and in Turkey. She graduated from LAMDA (London). As well as being a key member of the creative team, she also took the lead part ‘Mi Minor’.