Richard Pettifer


Fri 6 June, 10pm
£5 (on the door)
Chapter Arts Centre

Still we pretend everything will be the same

1831 – Charles Darwin goes to Australia on the HMS Beagle to document a world of flora, fauna and primitives. After a four-year journey, he writes On the Origin of Species, shooting humans to the top of the food chain and setting mankind on course to govern nature.

182 years later, faced with a gun-to-the-head climate scenario and unable to justify the 4 tonnes of carbon emissions of a long-haul flight, Australian monologist and theatre director Richard Pettifer did the journey over land. He performed in Sydney, Indonesia, India, Iran, and Romania. He was bashed, had his stuff stolen, and slept rough in an Iranian train station. There was no humanity or love. Only military, competition and fear – and no-one seemed to know about global warming.

End of Species is a story of the failure of dying optimism in the 21st century. It asks questions of the gap between our knowledge and experience of life. It asks you why you didn’t change.

Director – Rachel Baring/Richard Pettifer
Producer – Caroline Reilly
End of Species was part of The Yard’s N.O.W 14 season in London and owes heaps to their support.