Beth Greenhalgh


Beth Greenhalgh



The scene is taking place within a shop, within a shopping centre. The scene will involve body, sound, sculpture, text and voice. Behind the scene a relationship with a seagull is formed.

The scene:

So I opened my mouth and you look inside. It is enlarged now and is easy to follow the arrowed path down to the heart. You reach its beat.
The Vena cava is stretched at length. It has darkened.
The Aorta, a distant throb, a distilled ripple.
The landscape is forming, between the mouth and the heart. It grows at its own pace and is measured in colour. The mouth makes noise. This noise, a fuzz of sound causes light to freeze around objects. We become poetry. We become beat. We become beat poets.

Born in Huddersfield, Beth Greenhalgh studied Time-Based Practice at Cardiff School of Art and Design. Recent works include ‘Little Tokyo’ The Tate London,  ‘Little Green’ National Eisteddfod, Wales and ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ The ATTIC, Cardiff. Her work utilizes highly aesthetic scenes to evoke uncanny ritual and images alluding to a mythical reality based on a distorted “popular culture”.