A mo(ve)ment of dance

Sioned Huws
[Wales - London]


Sun 8 June, 7pm
Chapter Arts Centre

A conversation with choreographer Beth Gill, and her work ‘Electric Midwife’

Story: ‘A mo(ve)ment of dance’ – a title to a text written in 2007 by theatre director James Tyson; his perception of my dance works. Now eight years later, a video work by the same name, a part of a continuing dialogue. Movement patterns layered with memory: my work at Chapter Arts Centre, “Forgett” (Cardiff, 2000); experiences of the natural landscapes of Tohoku on the Northeast coast of Japan (2008-2014); the Tsugaru ‘hand dance’ of Yoshiya Ishikawa, moved by form; and the perceptive world of choreographer Beth Gill, her work ‘Electric Midwife’ (2011-12). Mo(ve)ment experienced backwards and forwards, continuation, possibility, community, dot-to-dot making for new constellations.

A conversation embracing where paths meet, depart and come together again; also with a passage recounted by memory from ‘Voyage of the Beagle’ by Charles Darwin (1839).

Sioned Huws is a choreographer who started making contemporary dance and performance in New York in 1989, whist studying at the Merce Cunningham Studios. Her work focuses on perception, memory, person and place within choreographic structures; systems patterning small details that allow for the unexpected within a world sensed through an awareness of physical movement. Sioned’s work has been presented most recently at Kanagawa Arts Theatre (Yokohama), Aomori Contemporary Arts Centre (Aomori), E45 Fringe Festival (Naples), Fabbrica Europa (Florence), Chapter (Cardiff), Greenwich Dance (London), da:ns Festival (Singapore). She has been a guest artist at Joshibi University of Art and Design (Tokyo) since 2012.