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(mè-mi = cicadas)

– You have come to understand this?
– To see the mountain.
– This place belongs to her.
– It is within my charge.
– To pray.
– Here, I will take you. Look, this window.

Naksan Park
Dongsung-dong, Seoul
12 July 2015

Created with/performed by
Seung-Un Chae
Hyeri Paek

translation & assistant director: Young Nae Choi
from a text written and directed by James Tyson

A version of this text was also presented at La Moulin Jaune, France, November 2015 as part of “Permutations”, an ongoing project hosted by La Communauté Inavouable (directed by Clyde Chabot) and with the participation of Laurence de la Fuente, Florence Girardeau, Clyde Chabot.